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Paso Doble
An American Rhythm Dance
(International Latin Dance)

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The Paso Doble is the most dramatic and exciting of the Latin Dances danced in competitions.  The Paso Doble is rarely danced as a social dance. 

It is the Depiction of a Bull Fight.  The man is the matador in the bullring.  The lady represents his cape and her patterns depict the movement of the cape as the bull passes.  The strong, proud stance by the man should be maintained at all times. 

The Paso Doble was originally the Spanish one-step, and first became popular in the 1930's.


Fast and dramatic.  The Matador and his cape.

1. Progressive around L.O.D.
2.  Strong Arm Lines and Controlled Sway
3. Proud Stance depicting a Matador
4. Solo Poses and Flamenco Type Steps
5. Walks, Chasses, Rocks, Turns, Leaps, Lunges
6. Quickness and uses of Syncopations


Footwork varies for different elements:
Heel/Flat, Ball , or Ball/Flat action

*Note  1. Generally, walking steps are taken with heel leads.

*Note 2.  The Basic Movement, Sur Place and Chasse are danced on the balls of the feet or with the heels touching lightly.  


58 - 62 MPM


       Paso Doble Rhythm:
1      2     1      2      1      2     1      2

Patterns can be danced in counts of 8 and 16 to keep within the phrasing of the music.

There are various additional counts that can also be used in advanced variations, such as in syncopated and holding actions and floor lines. 

This content is intended as general information and should not be used in lieu of an actual dance class to learn the aforementioned dance.

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